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Member Tips and Tricks

Each month we’ll publish tips and tricks from members that could help you use your computer more effectively. If you have any tips and tricks you think are particularly useful, please send them to [email protected]. This month’s submission comes from… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Time Machine: FreeBSD

Peter Kostouros Every month we delve into the PC Update archive to take a look at what computing was like in the past…this month, a review of FreeBSD from February 2000. Until recently my home workstation was host to several… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Book Reviews

Weapons of Math Destruction – Cathy O’Neil Tim McQueen Melb PC purchased a copy of Weapons of Math Destruction after the recommendation by Michael Brand who spoke on The Data Science Revolution – A User’s Guide at the May monthly… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Software Literacy Begins With Learning To Code

Dick Maybach, Brookdale Computer Users Group, NJ If you’re reading this, you probably work with computers almost every day, and you probably also find yourself repeating some tasks many times, not because you enjoy them but because they have to… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro wants to take your laptop’s job

Andrew Maxwell, University of Southern Queensland What a week it has been in the Apple core. In recent days the tech giant has released a litany of products, including new phones, watches, tablets, and more. The big-ticket items are clearly… Continue Reading…

PC Update

Computer History Tours of Melbourne

Graham Farr You are invited to join one of the upcoming Computer History Tours of Melbourne, organised by the Faculty of IT at Monash University.  The tours are on Sat 19 Oct, and Sun 3 Nov 2019 (though I’d encourage people to go for Sat 19… Continue Reading…

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