10th December 2020

From The President December 2020

David Stonier-Gibson Reopening I was delighted earlier in the month to be able to put out an all-member email heralding the re-opening of our Moorabbin club […]
10th December 2020

Your Favourite Linux Apps

Hugh Macdonald Two issues ago I detailed my switch to using a Linux distribution on some of my computers and a good number of other members […]
10th December 2020

Your Favourite Windows Apps

Hugh Macdonald I’ve been paying a lot of attention to Linux of late in the pages of PC Update, but of course the fact remains that […]
11th December 2020

Book Review

Tim McQueen Breaking & Entering The extraordinary story of a hacker called ‘Alien’ Jeremy N Smith Scribe 2019, 292 Pages. Here’s a book on computing that […]
11th December 2020

New Tools For The Maker Room

David Stonier-Gibson I purchased a comprehensive set of tools for the Moorabbin Maker Room this morning, just in time for members of the Microcontroller Workshop SIG […]
11th December 2020

Australian hospitals are under constant cyber attack. The consequences could be deadly

Paul Haskell-Dowland, Edith Cowan University Last week, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) issued warnings to Australian health-care providers that it had observed an increase in […]
11th December 2020

From Hobart, to London, to Dhaka: using cameras and AI to build an automatic litter detection system

Arianna Olivelli, CSIRO and Uwe Rosebrock, CSIRO It’s estimated about two million tonnes of plastics enter the oceans from rivers each year. But our waterways aren’t […]
12th December 2020

How To Install WordPress On Your Portable Web Server

Fleur Stephens Now that you’ve created your portable web server, you might like to install WordPress. An offline WordPress installation is great for practising WordPress, testing […]