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31st March 2020
Review: Linux Mint 19.3
31st March 2020

Coronavirus Discussion & Comments


Looking for toilet paper? So are the rest of us! But you’ve come to the right place to talk about it and anything else COVID-19 related.


John has been doing a very good job of scaring us with his modelling of the likely number of infections based on various infection rates – lowering it from 23% to 14% reduced likely infections by 90%, clearly showing how important social distancing and staying isolated at home as much as possible is so very important.


So please stay safe, keep your distance and wash your hands thoroughly and often.




Windows 10


Carrying out a major update to Windows 10 on a system with minimal resources can be a significant problem due to the lack of drive space. Rob was concerned his notebook might have problems updating to the latest version (1909) as he only had a 30GB drive with 9.7GB free. Fortunately, Windows will prompt for external storage if it needs more space for the update so you can use a USB flash drive (16GB would be plenty).


As I’ve found out with my daughter’s little laptop that also only has a 32GB drive, Windows still needs a certain amount of free space on the drive to run the update, even if you do use external storage. If you strike this problem you have to resort to creating a bootable installation USB and perform an upgrade, making sure you elect to leave your data and programs in place. It works but is a pain.