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31st March 2020
How To Use Yammer
31st March 2020

Roger Brown

DOTW (whatever that stands for) our weekly Yammer poll and light-hearted review of the sillier events of the week, continues – social isolation rules notwithstanding. Thanks to those who vote and also to the odd member who might “feature” – all in fun of course.

Last month’s “winners” were:

The unthinking mob who took the bait – rushing out of supermarkets with trolleys piled high with enough loo paper and other supposed essentials to last for MONTHS! Meanwhile the financially disadvantaged, the elderly, and those with no immediate access to supermarkets, are greeted with empty shelves when seeking to purchase for their IMMEDIATE needs.

Krazy Kev (Martin) for a horrible Yammer thread started with “”Waiter, waiter, this egg is bad!” “Don’t blame me, sir, I only laid the table.” Dishonourable mentions to all other members who “contributed”!!

The dumb demolisher of a property adjoining Castle Wotten, who through total negligence, failed to discover the existence of a shared sewerage connection common to both properties and who ended up severing the connection to said Castle.

The Melbourne couple infected with COVID-19 while on a skiing holiday in the United States who have been the subject of repeated police complaints after they allegedly flouted advice to self-isolate and visited shops and a golf course on the Mornington Peninsula instead.