PC Update is the Melbourne PC User Group magazine/newsletter. The first issue of PC Update appeared in March 1984 under the title MELB-PC.

The name was changed to PC Update in September of the same year and has remained unchanged ever since. The magazine has won a number of International Awards.

PC Update has been published in various formats, firstly as a printed newsletter, then a printed magazine, then an e-magazine, and currently as a e-newsletter.

June 2020

Book Review

Bill Chandler ‘Bruny’ Heather Rose, 2019, Allen and Unwin What a prescient novel!  Infrastructure, regional planning, political shenanigans, foreign interference, and even the mention of a […]

DOTW Winners May 2020

Roger Brown DOTW is a lighthearted look at some of the sillier events of the week. Don’t take it too seriously and do pop over to […]

Editorial June 2020

Hugh Macdonald Welcome to another edition of PC Update, and already we find ourselves in the sixth month of 2020. This year has already brought so […]

From The President June 2020

David Stonier-Gibson I hope you are all holding up OK in “iso”. It strikes me that those of us who are retired are the lucky ones, […]

Member Tips and Tricks

Graham Swanston Ed: Thanks to Graham once again for sending these tips and tricks in. If you have any info about software, websites, or hints about […]

Monthly Meeting June 2020

Guest Speakers: John Hollow, Kelvin Cording, Paul Hattam, Craig Evans Topic: SIG Meetings in the time of Corona Now that we are getting so much better […]

Tech And Your Eyes

Debra Carlson, CVC Computer Club, CO Words like “ergometrics” and “accessibility” fly around when talking about tech devices but what does that mean practically – to […]

Virtual Machines

Dick Maybach, Brookdale Computer User Group, NJ A virtual machine (VM) is a program on your PC (called a host in virtual-machine speak) that creates a […]

Yammer Highlights May 2020

Dennis Parsons NBN Questions and Comments NBN speeds higher than 100Mbps are finally here! 250Mbps and 1000Mbps plans are available for those of us lucky enough […]

May 2020

5G is Coming

Jeff Wilkinson 5G is the designation for the upcoming fifth-generation cellular network technology. This technology, which had the standards set at the end of 2017, promises […]

DOTW Winners April 2020

Roger Brown DOTW (whatever that stands for) our weekly Yammer poll and light-hearted review of the sillier events of the week, continues – social isolation rules […]

Editorial May 2020

Hugh Macdonald Welcome to the May 2020 edition of PC Update. Although it has been a month since I last wrote to you in this capacity, […]

First Look: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Hugh Macdonald Ubuntu is arguably one of the most widely used Linux distributions, and arguably one of the most popular and easiest to use for consumers. […]

From The President May 2020

David Stonier-Gibson It’s all a little weird at the moment. We have been forced to do a complete pivot on our plans and aspirations for things […]

Monthly Meeting May 2020

The main event for the May monthly meeting will be a panel discussion on the topic “Society after Corona”. We will be exploring how society may […]

Understanding File Extensions

Jim Cerny, Sarasota Technology Users Group So someone sends you a file attached to their email – you try to open the file and you can’t, […]

Yammer Highlights April 2020

Dennis Parsons Coronavirus Discussion & Comments The COVID-19 situation of course continues to be a big topic of discussion and the release of the government’s COVIDSafe […]

April 2020

About iHelp

Leighton West We are the RACV of the Computer World A unique free service to members that is one of the best reasons for anyone joining, […]

Book Reviews

Tim McQueen Nuking the moon Vince Houghton Profile Books 296 pages   This is probably not the usual type of book you’d expect to see referenced […]

Desktop vs Laptop

Dan Douglas, President, Space Coast PCUG, Florida At a recent learning centre meeting, the topic of what was better to get, in my opinion, a desktop […]

DOTW Winners March 2020

Roger Brown DOTW (whatever that stands for) our weekly Yammer poll and light-hearted review of the sillier events of the week, continues – social isolation rules […]

East SIG Report

Neil Muller The March meeting opened with Dave Botherway conducting our usual Q&A segment   Q: What was the problem experienced with the recent Windows 10 […]

Editorial April 2020

Hugh Macdonald Hello and welcome to the April 2020 edition of PC Update. The whole world has changed since I last wrote an editorial in this […]

From The President April 2020

David Stonier-Gibson What a difference a day makes! I have started measuring time in Corona weeks and months. Things are happening so fast in this new, […]

How To Use Yammer

Hugh Macdonald In this unfortunate time of COVID-19, all SIG meetings, as well as other activities of the club, have ceased in the best interest of […]

Interesting Internet Finds

Steve Costello, SEFCUG In the course of going through the more than 300 RSS feeds, I often run across things that I think might be of […]

Review: Linux Mint 19.3

Cal Esneault, Former President and leader of many Open Source Workshops & SIGs, Cajun Clickers Computer Club Linux Mint is a distribution based on Ubuntu LTS […]

Yammer Highlights March 2020

Coronavirus Discussion & Comments   Looking for toilet paper? So are the rest of us! But you’ve come to the right place to talk about it […]

March 2020

April 2020 Monthly Meeting

The Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday, April 1 at 7 pm via streaming. Guest Speakers: Dr Anton Hassell Topic: The arcane art of making science-based […]

Club News March 2020

Hugh Macdonald Coder Dojo Our South East Melbourne Coder Dojo has been going now for three sessions and is establishing itself well with regular attendees coming […]

DOTW Winners February 2020

Roger Brown DOTW (whatever that stands for) our weekly Yammer poll and light hearted review of the sillier events of the week, has returned for 2020. […]

East SIG Report February 2020

Neil Muller The February meeting opened with George Skarbek conducting his usual Q&A segment. Q: I’ve lost the Google Play icon on my Android phone. Is […]

Editorial March 2020

Hugh Macdonald Hello and welcome to the March 2020 edition of PC Update. I hope you enjoy the mix of articles on computer related advice and […]

From The President March 2020

David Stonier-Gibson President’s special raffle At the monthly meeting this week, everyone who registers with their membership card and wears a name tag (your card or […]

March 2020 Monthly Meeting

The Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday March 4 at 7pm. Guest Speakers: Dr Ken Harvey and Mal Vickers Topic: Data Scraping and Snake Oil Why […]

Member Tips and Tricks

Graham Swanston These procedures seem to work well on a 64 bit Windows 10 desktop. Do regular backups. Disaster or an accident is always a possibility. […]

Try one of these bootable PC rescue media

Dick Maybach, Member, Brookdale Computer User Group, NJ Modern personal computers are complex assemblies of hardware and software. A problem in a single component can disable […]

Yammer Highlights February 2020

Dennis Parsons Computer Help   The following is a fantastic example of what Melb PC is all about – members helping each other solve problems, computer […]

February 2020

Book Review

Tim McQueen Technically Wrong – sexist apps, biased algorithms and other threats of toxic tech. Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Norton 2017 232 pp There have been several analyses […]

Club News February 2020

Hugh Macdonald Training Room The revamp of the training room began in July 2019 when all members were invited to a meeting to discuss the future […]

East SIG Report December 2019

Neil Muller The final meeting for 2019 commenced with the now traditional Christmas BBQ, followed by a shortened meeting. Normal meetings will resume on the second […]

East SIG Report November 2019

Neil Muller The November meeting opened with George Skarbek conducting his usual Q&A segment. Q: In the last week Windows File Explorer has refused to open […]

Editorial February 2020

Hugh Macdonald Hello all, Welcome to the first edition of PC Update for 2020. I hope you had a relaxing holiday period and 2020 has got […]

February Monthly Meeting

The December Monthly Meeting will be held Wednesday February 5 at 7pm. Guest Speaker: Dr Alasdair McAndrew Our guest speaker is Dr Alasdair McAndrew. His topic […]

From The President February 2020

David Stonier-Gibson Is the club dying? On a Sunday a few weeks ago Steve Zuluaga, Hugh Macdonald and I were at the club, and spent a […]

Windows 10 Taskbar Options

Jim Sanders, Director / Webmaster, North Orange County Computer Club, CA The taskbar is a very important part of the Windows 10 operating system. Arguably, it’s […]

Yammer Highlights January 2020

Dennis Parsons Computer Help With the recent official demise of Windows 7 I decided to conduct another of my “quick and dirty” Yammer polls to discover […]